Why you should go on an adventure ?

Why living a new adventure each day, every day ?

I heard once that travels allow us to slow time down. I swear this is true…or, maybe it is just living new experiences that slow down our perception of time. A new unknown situation or adventure puts us out of our confort zone and makes our little brain work even more, making us feel like time slows down. And, personally, i have always found it more than true during my travels !

Whether it is climbing the Everest or talking to a stranger in the subway, we can all live at least one new experience every day…so, what will your adventure of the day be ?

Who am I ?

who am i

My name is Margaux, just like the French wine…a 27 years old wine. Even if i spent my childhood reading exploration and adventure books, i was more of the cocooning type. But it was before i decided to leave for a solo trip to Australia. The least we can say is that i found myself totally out of my confort zone !

There, i could finally live all the adventures i was reading when i was a little girl : scuba-diving, exploring new magical places…not to mention all the amazing people i met thanks to this trip.

So this is from there,  like many others, that i got addicted to travels. This is why after 5 years of parisian life interspersed with trips to South America and Europe, i pursue the adventure in Vientiane, Laos, for a new life filled up with travels and day-to-day adventures !

Why writing about it ?

I talk about travels all the time…and i love writing. Do i need more reasons to write about travels ?!

As you might understand now, this place will be mainly about travel and expatriation adventures, to give you the desire to travel, to make you laugh or even meditate ! Whether you are about to pack you bags soon or not, you can explore here a different universe to travel without even moving from your couch ( or hammock, if your prefer!).