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Siargao. One year ago i didn’t even know about this small island. But 6 months ago I landed on this travel blog…and then It was decided, as we wanted to go to Philippines for spring holidays, this was where we would go !

I should point out the fact that Siargao was far from being the first destination for travellers in Philippines, which obviously increased our interest ! It is also the “Filipino Bali”: dreamy landscapes and surf atmosphere…everything to make us choose this place.

road trip Siargao

rivière siargao

Road trip around Siargao Island

The best way to discover Siargao island is roadtripping with a motorbike. Going all around the island only takes a day, but I would definitely recommend to take your time to explore.

When leaving General Luna, the place where most accommodations are ( we’ll get back to this topic later !), you can either go West or up North, to follow the amazing East Coast beaches…which is where we start our journey !

Top of the most beautiful beaches of Siargao’s East Coast

When hitting the road, you soon find yourself immersed in enchanting landscapes : rice fields with buffalos…and mainly infinite palm coves ! Siargao roads are amongst the most beautiful I have ever seen, and being able to drive on those roads is a real pleasure. The first highlight of this trip will certainly be « Top of the road »…i won’t tell you where it is, because you will know : just after a turn, you can admire an amazing panorama upon the biggest palm grove i have ever seen.

Then, you will pass by the heart of the island, Maasin village. Crossed by a river and decorated with colorful and cute planters, this village breathes tranquility. We stopped there for a drone session, which was apparently way more fun for the villages boys than playing in the river !

Pacifico Beach

Bay Bay Beach

plage Siargao

After passing through the mangrove, you finally arrive on the East Coast, following beaches, each one being more beautiful than the last. In fact, you don’t really know anymore if you are in Polynesia, Fidji or Philippines. First there is Pacifico Beach, this long and unsploit beach where experienced surfers spend their days…it is spectacular and nobody will disturb you, expect from a few locals hanging around. Then, follow the road up North, passing through thousands of plam trees. There is Bay Bay Beach, millionaire’s view and finally, Alegria Beach.

Alegria beach is the farthest North on the island, where you can swim the most easily : pristine waters with some nice depths, we didn’t need anything more to stay there for a while. You have to know that in Siargao, low tides are REALLY LOW and high tides are not that high…so the best place to have a swim on the island is definitely Alegria Beach ! 

What struck me the most while we were following those dreamy beaches, is this constant feeling of being alone…there was never more than 5 to 10 people on the beach, even if the island was apparently crowded at this time of the year !

Cloud 9 Siargao

Pilar Siargao

Because we didnt want to stop our road trip, we pushed to the Tak Tak Falls. They are the only waterfalls in Siargao, and they are very popular with the locals. They don’t have anything outstanding, but it’s always nice to stop in that kind of places to cool down and appreciate the uniqueness of the setting.

Finally, we took the way back and a flat tire gave us the opportunity to admire the sunset over the mangrove, in Pilar. You should really see that, but only if you have a proper helmet and functioning lights to come back to General Luna by night ! This way back to general Luna in the pitch-dark night, with every insects of the area smashing our faces will long be remembered.

Drone à Siargao

Plage de Siargao

plage paradisiaque Siargao

The most beautiful beach of Siargao’s Southern Coast

On another day we took the motorbike to head West, in direction of  Dapa. You will find between Dapa and General Luna some empty and pristine coastal beaches that really gave us the feeling to be on the other side of the pacific ocean : Union Beach and Malinao peninsula.

From there, you can see Daku and Guyam island, as well as Naked island and Corregidor Island…and once again, it is so empty and quiet that you forget about Siargao being a touristy place ! We actually never really got that feeling, except during evenings in General Luna.

In a word, exploring Siargao island on a motorbike is a real delight, et and you love crytal clear water, palmtrees and wild landscapes…this island is awaiting for you, even if you are not a surfer !

fun à siargao


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  1. […] a spot that is situated on Siargao Island ! As i mentioned a few weeks ago, this island is wonderful, and in my opinion, the better way to discover it is by road-tripping […]

  2. […] a spot that is situated on Siargao Island ! As i mentioned a few weeks ago, this island is wonderful, and in my opinion, the better way to discover it is by road-tripping […]

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