Top 10 of my favorite travel books

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My 10 favorite travel books

Are you searching for a gift, or leaving for a trip soon? Here are my 10 favorite travel books…to read again and again. I love reading those book when I am at home, to escape the day to day life, or when I am on the road to some new adventures! 


1- Memoirs of a Geisha, by Arthur Golden 

mémoires d'une Geisha

A lot of people have seen the beautiful movie made by Rob Marshall, inspaired by this book. But, as great as the movie is, the book takes us way deeper into the Geishas’ world, and their tea houses in Kyoto, during their golden age right before the second world war. Ofetn poetic, sometimes disturbing and crude, this book leaves lasting memories. Wether you are in your bed or on the beach, it will take you in its truly particular universe.

You can find it >> here <<



2- La Nina Mala, by Mario Vargas Llosa

mario vargas llosaNamed Nobel Prize of literature in 2010, Mario Vargas Llosa writes about South America like no one else. So yes, this book is about a love story, but far from being cheesy ! We folloz Ricardo, a young and naive man, chasing his mysterious “Little Chilean”, an ambitious and greedy girl. From their first encounter in Miraflores, Lima,  this book will bring you from Peru to Paris, passing by Cuba and Japan. I loved reading this book again while I was in Peru because I dreamed about traveling there since the first time I read this book.

You can find it >> here <<


3- Sapiens, a brief History of Humankind, by Yuval Noah Harari

sapiensSapiens is more a travel back in time than a regular travel. But to be honest, I think that we would need way fewer history classes during high school if everybody read this book! It could seem very long and complex at first, but the author has this ability to explain the big phases of humanity in a simple and clear way, with a light and provocative tone which makes the reading really interesting.  With this book, we learn, we face our received ideas, and that’s what I loved about it!

You can find it >> here <<



4- Path to the 9 worlds, by Eric Julien

indiens kogisWhen we went to Colombia, I was mesmerized by The Santa Marta area and Tayrona National Park…i really regretted to not have enough time to explore the Sierra, a territory belonging to Kogis people. And i regretted even more after reading this book!  We follow the expedition of a young French guy in the Kogis territory, his learning process of their cultures and traditions, and his fight to give them their territory back. The way Kogis see life, the way they live and interact with nature is just fascinating…they understood a lot about how to preserve our planet, way before us. 

Tou can find it >> here in French <<


5- The songlines, by Bruce Chatwin

le chant des pistesDid you know that aboriginal people could find their way on an unknow path only thanks to songs they learned from their ancestors ?! Those are songlines, an amazing aboriginal heritage you can discover in this book. Between the real and the dream, between the visible and invisible, we dive into the aboriginal dreamtrail. One of the most interesting travel books I have ever read, about truly fascinating people.  

You can find it >> here <<



6- Following the dark paths, by Sylvain Tesson

sur les chemins noirsWe often think its necessary to go far away to write about travel, and Sylvain Tesson proves us the contrary!  He found out after a terrible accident that French countryside has nothing to envy of the other side of the world…after this, you will go for an exploration in the nearby forest! 

You can find it >> here in French <<




7- La terre n’est qu’un seul pays, by André Brugiroux

la terre n'est u'un seul pays400 000 kms by foot around the world, that’s what André Brugiroux shares with us. We discover, throughout the years, his encounters, adventures and discoveries…not as relaxing as the plane but so much more exciting and adventurous ! 

You can find it >> here in French <<




8- The motorcycle diaries, by Ernesto Che Guevara

che guevaraOnce again, we’ve all seen the brilliant movie from this book. And if the movie totally immerse you in my beloved South America, this is nothing compared to the book. We discover Ernest Guevara during a trip that will bring him to the most beautiful wild places in South America, but also to make him face great poverty and social inequality. The Che origins, told by himself ! 

You can find it >> here <<


9- Miles, the autobiography

milesTravel books can take many different forms, and here i offer you a musical trip, between Saint Louis, New-York and Paris. Some people will say, with good reasons, that this autobiography by Miles Davis is a little bit distorted by the high esteem he had of himself. But i just found it was one of the most inspiring book i have ever read, written by one of the most incredible artist of the XXth century. 

You can find it >> here <<


10- Atlas Obscura, by Joshua Foers

atlas obscuraTo compete with travel books, here is an Atlas that is everything but old and dusty, that will make you discover the most unusual places in the world. I prefer to warn you, you will probably book a flight ticket after reading this book ! 

You can find it >> here <<




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